Campaign Tracker



What an incredible year!

As the Combined Fund Drive makes its way through yet another successful campaign, you can see how your agency is doing by checking in on our Campaign Tracker. The CFD will be updating its agency numbers on a weekly basis during the campaign.

​Check out how your agency statistics, how you did in your county, or even how many volunteers employees in your agency were responsible for, check out any of the reports below.


A legacy of giving

Since 1984, the Combined Fund Drive has raised more than $140 million for charities in our community and around the world. In just the last decade alone, more than $5 million has been disbursed to over 3,000 member charities annually.

​These donations have helped fund thousands of charities throughout our community and around the world as they work tirelessly to provide important services to those in need.


One of the best in the nation

The $5.4 million that was pledged as a result of the 2018 Annual Giving Campaign makes the Combined Fund Drive one of the most successful giving programs for state employees in the country. 

​Despite being ranked 13th in the country in population (and 12th in population of state employees), your efforts were good enough to put Washington State third in the country in giving by its public employees.