CFD Advisory Council



Without the assistance of the CFD Advisory Council, the Washington State Combined Fund Drive would not be possible. Thank you!


  • filter_dramaWhat exactly are Advisory Committees?

    Simply, they advise a group of volunteers that meet regularly to provide advice and support to a business. These can range from consulting on broad policy issues to focusing on the nitty-gritty of committee work. Participating as a member of the Combined Fund Drive’s Advisory Council, you will assist in establishing standards, criteria for charitable participation, creating a campaign structure and the promotional materials. Additionally as a member you appoint and educate volunteers.

  • placeWhat makes an Advisory Committee Effective?

    An advisory group is more likely to be effective at providing advice and support when:

    1. 1. The representatives (directors and staff) genuinely desire the committee’s input;
    2. 2. The committee is comprised of knowledgeable, committed individuals whose interest in volunteering their own time is sustained by appropriate recognition and rewards;
    3. 3. The committee’s group processes and procedures for governance allow for regular meetings, a sense of engagement and ownership, and sufficient access to information about the program so that the committee can offer useful advice and support;
    4. 4. The expectations about the roles of the committee in providing advice and support are clear, candid, consistent, and well communicated.


Our members

Imelda Angmore_vert

WFSE Union Representative

Imelda Angclose

Imelda is currently employed at the Department of Labor and Industries and has been a CFD volunteer for more than five years.

She is also a representative for the Washington Federation of State Employees and speaks at Advisory Council meetings on behalf of represented employees.

Robert Coitclose

Robert Coit is the director of the Thurston County Food, the second most specified charity in the Combined Fund Drive.

Robert speaks on behalf of the independent charities that currently make up more than half of the nonprofits in the CFD.

Jim Cooperclose

Jim Cooper is currently a City Councilmember for the City of Olympia and has represented nonprofits for more than 23 years. He is also the representative for the United Ways of the Pacific Northwest.

Jim representatives the United Way federations in the Combined Fund Drive. He has been a valued member of the Advisory Council since 2010 and brings a important perspective and high energy to the Council.


Kerri Everlymore_vert

University of Washington

Kerri Everlyclose

Kerri has been a Campaign Leader for the University of Washington State Combined Fund Drive for more than eight years and is responsible for an annual campaign that brings in more than $2 million per year in contributions.

She speaks on behalf of the higher education institutions that currently use the CFD as their main method of fundraising on their campuses.

Paul Knoxclose

Paul Knox is currently the Executive Director of the United Way of Thurston County.

Paul represents not only the United Way, but all charities in teh Thurston County area.

Melanie Manistaclose

Melanie Manista is currently the Executive Director of the Northwest Spay & Neuter Center in Pierce County.

Melanie speaks on behalf of independent charities in areas outside of Thurston County and brings years of experience in the nonprofit sector to the CFD Advisory Council.


Seth Millermore_vert

Department of Retirement Systems

Seth Millerclose

Seth Miller is the Director of Retirement Services for the Department of Retirement Systems along with being the agency's Executive Sponsor.

Seth not only speaks on behalf of state employees and CFD volunteers, but also on behalf of the state retirees who are eligible to give through the program as well.

Karen Whitemore_vert

Community Health Charities

Karen Whiteclose

Karen recently retired as a representative of the Community Health Charities of Washington.

She speaks on behalf of CFD federations, which currently make up more than half of the member charities in the program. She brings a depth of experience that is unmatched on the Advisory Council.

Polly Zehmclose

Polly Zehm serves as the Deputy Director for the Department of Ecology and the Executive Sponsor for the agency.

Polly speaks on behalf of state employees and CFD volunteers.