Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Combined Fund Drive?

The mission of the CFD is "Empowering Washington public employees and retirees to strengthen communities through the funding and Support of charities." The CFD is Washington State's workplace giving program for active and retired public employees. This program allows employees to make donations via check and payroll deduction to their favorite charities. Since 1984, Washington State public employees and retirees have generously donated more than $100 million to charity through the CFD.

Requirements for a charity to become a CFD member Invite a charity to become a CFD member/

Are my donations kept confidential?

Upon request, your information will be kept confidential. Otherwise the CFD will send your name to the charities you specified to allow them the opportunity to acknowledge you for your pledge.

Where does the CFD send my donation?

Your donation goes to the charity or charities that you have chosen.

If you choose to donate to the CFD non-specified fund (aka, the CFD general fund - 0316854) we will distribute your donation to CFD charities based on the charity's pledge percentage of the campaign. For example, if AA charity receives 10% of all contributions, AA would receive 10% of the non-specified contribution.

Does the CFD charge an administrative fee?

Since the CFD receives no government funding, it is entirely supported by its donors. The support is provided via an administrative fee which is taken off the top of all donations. This fee goes to pay for things like, rent, utilities, staff salaries and the maintenance of vast databases and technology tools that enable the giving of over 100,000 public employees and retirees to over 4,000 charitable organizations.

Because of the interest rate the program currently earns on its account, and dollars donated to the CFD general account, 95% of all dollars contributed by donations continue to go to their specified charities.

Click here for a statement from Secretary of State Sam Reed on this year’s administrative costs.

We are always looking for ways to realize cost savings and lower this administrative fee. As result, this fee changes frequently. Other factors include the amount of donations that are taken in and the amount of sponsors we are able connect with. For more detailed information about the current administrative rate, please click here for our 2011 Financial Report.

Can I donate in memory of a loved one?

Yes. This can easily be done when you make your donation using our online system.

Can I give through the CFD when I retire?

Yes! Retirees who receive retirement benefits through DRS can give to the CFD by deduction from their retirement check. Additionally, DRS, and all other retirees, can donate to their favorite charity by writing a check. For more information please contact the CFD office at (360) 902-4162 or email us at

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes. Every donation made through the CFD is tax deductible. Just keep track of the proper paperwork and you can deduct your donations when you file your taxes. The CFD suggests that you make sure to consult your tax advisor if you have any questions regarding the deductibility of your donations.

When do charities get my donation?

Donations are disbursed to the charities on a quarterly basis. Interest earned at the State Treasury is added to the charity disbursements.

How can I give?

The CFD provides easy and convenient ways to give to your favorite charity or your community.

Monthly payroll deduction: Your contribution is deducted from each payroll or pension check during the calendar months of January through December.

One-time payroll deduction: This deduction will be taken from your first check in January.

Personal check: Checks must be made payable to the CFD

Volunteer: Help with the CFD campaign and give time to any charit

Can I donate with a credit card?

Yes! This new feature will be introduced during the 2011 campaign, and will be available to all those that wish to pay via credit for one=time payments and fundraising events. These payments will go into the CFD non-specified fund, where it will distributed evenly amongst each of the CFD charities.

How do I contact the CFD office?

Phone: (360) 902-4162
Address: PO Box 40250, Olympia, WA 98504

Thank you for supporting the Washington State Combined Fund Drive, located in Olympia, Washington. The Combined Fund Drive is registered with Washington State's Charities Program as required by law and additional information is available by calling 800-332-4483 or visiting